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Inmate Search CCDC Nevada
Inmate Search CCDC Nevada

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Whenever people assume that a loved one has been arrested at the CCDC, they are unaware of the search options that are available to locate that inmate. In reality though, due to the advent of the internet, the process of locating the CCDC and searching for their love one can prove to be fairly easy and can be done from the comfort of their homes. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to the detainment of a friend or loved one at the Clark County Detention Center.

What is the CCDC?

The CCDC or Clark County Detention Center, is responsible for holding individuals who have been arrested for a crime within the city of Las Vegas. Originally established in 1973, the CCDC is the primary Las Vegas jailing facility that houses individuals that are awaiting trial, have been recently arrested or are serving misdemeanor sentences after being convicted within the state of Nevada.

Where is the CCDC located?

The Clark County Detention Center is located at 330 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas NV, 89101. If you need help when it comes to getting detailed instructions on how to reach the facility, you can call their main office number which is (702)-671-3900, between the hours of 8:00am – 11:00pm, on any day of the week. Alternatively, you can input the address in Google maps as well.

What happens to an Inmate that is detained in the CCDC?

Individuals who are arrested and taken to the Clark County Detention Center are normally booked shortly after arrival. The purpose of the booking process is to provide information about the individual who was brought to the detention center.

The booking process usually takes a few hours to complete. Their are usually 8 things that occur to an individual that is detained at the CCDC. The first of which is a documented report of the individual’s name and crime that they are suspected of committing. After that, the individual has his/her mugshot taken in order for them to associate the correct face with the name on file.

After they have taken their mug shot, the booking officers take the suspect’s clothing, jewelry and other personal property and place them into police custody. Once they have taken that individual’s personal property, they have to submit their finger prints as a part of the booking record. After which, they have to submit to a full body search in order for the officers to ensure that the inmate is not bringing any weapons or drugs into the facility.

Once they have conducted a full body search, the booking officer checks to see if the arrestee has any other pending charges. If any are found, the individual will normally not be allowed to be released on bail.

The last process that inmates have to endure at the CCDC is a health screening to protect the safety of other inmates and the jail officials.

Once the booking process is complete, the jail officials may attempt to solicit information about the arrestee’s background such as gang affiliation and outside relationships.

Inmate Search CCDC Nevada
Inmate Search CCDC Nevada

How do I Search for an Inmate in the CCDC?

When it comes to conducting a search for an arrestee, you can do so by going to the Clark County Detention Center From there, you can click on the “CCDC Inmate Search” tab, which is located at the bottom left corner of the website. At that point, the inmate information search page will pop-up, enter the inmate’s name, ID number or JC case number to see if the individual is at the CCDC.

It’s important to note that the information pertaining to an individual who is under 18 or under protective custody, will not be displayed on the website. Therefore, you can call (702)-671-3900 for the most current information.

Until the booking process is complete, the information pertaining to an inmate will not be available, neither online or via telephone. It’s also important to note, that circumstances such as suspected influence under alcohol or drugs, can delay the booking process for as much as 24 hours.

How do I get an Inmate out of the CCDC?

When it comes to getting an inmate out of jail, you have three options that are available to you. The first option is to post a cash bond out of your pocket. The second option is to post Cash/Surety. The third option is to post bond through a bonding agency.

If you wish to post a cash bond, ensure that you verify the bond amount beforehand. Once you have determined what the bond amount is, take the cash and go to sheriff’s office and present the cash to the clerk or jail official. Once they receive the cash, you will be given a certificate to verify that the bond was in fact paid.

If you choose to utilize a bonding agency, you need to contact one that is within close proximity of Las Vegas. The bonding agency will make the utmost effort to work with you based on your financial situation and establish a set list of terms and conditions regarding the posting of the bond and the circumstances of the individual’s release.

Inmate Search Clark County Detention Center
Inmate Search Clark County Detention Center

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